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Silvia Oliete, successfully leads a great team of professionals, all of them as passionate as she is about their work at Blauceldona by Silvia Oliete aesthetics and beauty center. A center founded over 20 years ago in Barcelona becoming a benchmark at international level. Nowadays she is regarded as one of the top facialists in the world. Silvia achieved her dream, capture her passion, this beautiful world of aesthetics.

In 1992 Silvia Oliete finishes her studies of technician specialist in aesthetics at the prestigious Academy of Aesthetics Jean D´Estress, in Barcelona. After working, acquiring experience at a beauty center in Barcelona and opening from the start a beauty room on a gym, with time she became more specialized on her great passion, facial treatments. You should try her massages, specially her kobido massage, Japanese massage on which she is a technician specialist. Currently she also gives lectures to other aesthetic centers on other countries who wish to learn her techniques and expertise on facial treatments.

Training and improving every day to serve more rigorously and with even higher standards to its clients is currently the main goal of this entrepreneur women, mother of three children.

"Passion, rigor, exigency, constant search of excellency where the client will feel unique. I want that entering in Blauceldona to be a completely relaxing experience...". These are just some of the values that from day one, Silvia Oliete has been using to make Blauceldona a reference center on which her passion rubs off on our clients. "It is very rewarding seeing that the client feels fully satisfied, with a treatment or that with the suitable cosmetic you have made them feel good. It is a wonderful profession"

" I am lucky that from an early age I learned to listen my intuition, pursuing the firm desire to instruct myself in my passion, aesthetics, and doing so with the effort of constant learning with a high capacity of work and rigorousity… I am still moving forward. Accomplish your dream and be happy"


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